Saturday, March 3, 2012

Using Pinterest Correctly

It took a few hours but I did it.

I love Pinterest. It's a great tool that helps people curate and collect images, websites, ideas, and more from all over the net. These boards of images and the platform that is Pinterest have exploded with popularity in the past few months and it's a great thing. It allows us to share the things we find anywhere on the web with our friends with ease. But with any great tool comes the need for user responsibility.

Be sure to give credit where credit is due and do it properly. When you use your "Pin It" button on your browser, be sure that you are on the unique page of the image you are pinning (also called the permalink). In order to determine if you are on that page, check the URL, in the browser bar. If it has a simple address like : - it is not the permalink. The permalink will have an extension after the main address like this: On tumblrs with only images, click the image or the links below the image to get to the post's unique address.

Also, when pinning from the Pinterest pages, be sure to check the pin you are about to "Repin" before you do it. If you check to make sure that it is properly pinned, you help prevent spreading the misuse of this wonderful tool.

Please, do your part too. I know it can be tough, especially if you've been pinning for a while. I know it took me a good amount of time and patience - but I can't stress enough how important it is to protect the rights of our fellow creative minds. It's hard enough as it is with the dawn and popularity of blogging. I feel a lot better about my Pinterest boards now that I have sifted through my pins.

We try our best here on TwoFriendsTales to keep the credit clear.

Peace. Love. Creativity.

Have a great week everyone!

- Jenny -

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