Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime Fun - Microterrariums

Spring finally made an appearance here, today! It was literally snowing every weekday this past week, but today is sunny and lower fifties! It's gorgeous and full of happiness. Every spring, I always get hit with the gardening bug. Granted I don't have the best gardening track record, I have been better at it these past few years. Last summer, I grew a big sunflower, a bunch of morning glories, and snapdragons. They all thrived and were so much fun!

On Friday this week, I was browsing through Michael's on a trip for mortarboard decorating supplies (hooray graduation!) and I stumbled upon these cute microterrariums:

There were all sorts of plants in the bin (in the kids' stuff section). I had to stop myself from buying these two and the pine tree, the cactus assortment, the herbs assortment, and the mint plant. That would be too many, I think. But aren't they awesome!? 

So on this sunny day in Pullman, I spent my early afternoon applying the second and final coat of poly on that box that I've shown you and getting these little terrariums on their way to having little sprouts! :) 

Soil disk + ~2 Tbs of water
The soil disk grows!
The seeds! Left: butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) seeds. Right: Brain plant (Celosia amigo) seeds.
Left: The brain plant seeds in the soil. Right: My microterrariums (complete with labels)!
Hope the sun is shining where you are! 
Have some fun in the sun and get your spring projects rolling. 
Have a great week. 

- Jenny - 

Hey all! I have finally written an update on these plants. If you're interested in seeing how they turned out, check out the Update: Microterrariums post. :)

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