Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Lil More Halloween - Local Haunts

Hello, friends!

I know that it is past Halloween and that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but I thought I'd post once more about Halloween. It is tied as favorite holiday (I have a really hard time picking favorite times of the year, if you couldn't tell with seasons. The same difficulty is there with holidays... Don't judge me!).

This season I was able to make it to two local(ish) haunts. I think that local haunts and community events are the perfect thing to do for the Halloween holiday. They are so wonderfully creative and are often built on the ideas and hard work of community members, making them all the more special.

In the metropolis that is the Tri-Cities, WA (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco), we had a good handful of little haunts going on. I unfortunately was only able to make it to one due to work and my weekends away, visiting the man. ;)

One that I wanted to visit was the Haunted Forest in Sacajawea State Park. Maybe I'll get the chance next year! The local haunt I did get a chance to visit was Terror behind the Screen.

This attraction is based on scenes from well known horror flicks like Dawn of the Dead and Hostel. The square-footage seems small but they packed a lot in there. The actors are very convincing and the anxiety factor goes wayyy up right out of the gate with the entry through a tight canal through which you need to squeeze to enter the attraction. It was very claustrophobic and disorienting! The actors get really close to you and are very interactive and free. In other attractions, I have found that the actors often stay within their "area" but some of these actors seemed to go beyond the expected boundaries, creeping after you to frighten you again. 

Other than that attraction, I also attended Scarywood (presented by Silverwood) for my second year. Silverwood theme park is an awesome place during the regular season, but I have to say Scarywood is pretty damn awesome too! They have multiple haunted houses/walk-throughs and their train ride is tricked out for the Halloween season. Not to mention the roller coasters still run and that all merchandise is 50% off, including the Scarywood stuff! Timber Terror runs with the cars on backwards for the event! My cousin Megs and I didn't get a chance to go before Halloween itself, but they were open the weekend following so we went this past Saturday.

The train ride is the Zombiewood Express, a zombie hunting train ride for 17+ years of age. Hilarious scripting, fairly amusing sights, loud gunfights, foul language, drug references, and a little bit of sex and Southpark - What's not to LOVE?

Throughout the park, while you're traveling between attractions you will be ambushed by all sorts of creatures, such as this beauty. There were also scarecrows, werewolves, and porcelain faced doll-people. Always keeping you on your toes!

This was an attraction that I didn't see last year, a 3D haunted house, 3Dementia. It was very psychedelic and neon - I loved it! And the rooms of doors at the end had my heart racing!

There's A LOT more than just these things at Scarywood, I hope they make enough profit to justify continuing with it. It's great! It is definitely worth a drive out there to have a night of scares, food, and cheap merch!

Happy Halloween, friends - off toward Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Love to all.

Stay excellent!
- Jenny -