Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY: Succulents Lantern Terrarium

There are many exciting new developments going on in my creative life & it's really exciting! I'm finishing up the woodburning project, and I have just made myself a succulents arrangement!

I don't know if you've seen it around the web lately, but there has been a boom in the interest in succulents and terrariums. I personally am glad for it; I love these cute plants and adore having plants in my life. They add a little life to your everyday decor - They make me smile! That's a good enough reason to have 'em around, right??

Anyway! Inspired by these little plants, I made myself a succulents lantern! Here's how I did it - It's quick, easy, and awesome. Enjoy!
- Jenny -

Hello, friends!
My succulents have changed quite a bit since this post about the lantern terrarium! I have moved them from the lantern and they're doing great! Check them out in the Update: Succulents post!

First, what you'll need:
  • A container for your plants. I used a small glass cylinder that I found at Walmart (affordable!)
  • A lantern in which the container can fit (only needed if you want to keep them in a lantern, haha). I got mine at Hobby Lobby with Anna!
  • A few small succulents. I used three 2" plants. 
  • Rocks/pebbles
  • Cactus mix potting soil
  • Floral moss
For more information regarding succulent soil and all other matters on succulents, this is a great resource.

Here are pictures of my supplies:

1. Put some rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the container. I made a layer about an inch thick. This will allow the water in the soil to drain, which is important for your plants' health.

2. Add a layer of potting soil on top of the rocks, pressing on the soil to pack it a bit - not too firmly, just so it's not really loose.
3. Next, arrange your plants in the container like you would any other plant into a pot. Be sure to supplement more soil where needed to secure them in the container. 
4. Water the plants and be sure to watch an see if the soil moves when it is watered. Be sure not to over-water as well. Remember, succulents are water-retaining plants and are adapted to living with less water than most plants. 

Here's what my arrangement looked like at this point: 

5. Next, cover exposed soil with pieces of the floral moss. This is optional, really. I just think it gives it a nice finished look. 

6. And finally, to make this a "Succulent Lantern," insert your arrangement into your lantern! Of course, the arrangement would look great on its own, especially if you have a particularly beautiful container/planter. I have seen gorgeous arrangements in milk glass (the milky white looks stunning with the greens of the plants). But, I was smitten with this lantern and the idea of having a little lantern terrarium! 

Here it is all finished! 

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