Monday, April 23, 2012

Songs in My Head

sooo, there hasn't been a whole lot going on these past few weeks. Nothing all that blog worthy anyway. However, I have had some time to listen to music lately & there have been a few songs that just won't leave...ok, fine I'm addicted to these songs & I admit it (admission is the first step, right?). Anyway, have a look & enjoy! :)

*ahem* yeah, this video is a little silly, but I like the song, ok?! haha, & the don't hug cacti duo (fursuit makers) are pretty amazing! Nothing like a bit of furry silliness to brighten your day, eh?

ok, this one infected me by accident, I admit when I first heard the song, I thought it was odd, but worth looking up! There's also an awesome cover of this song floating around of five people on one guitar, buuuut I'll let you find that one on your own. ;) This is the original version!

watch the man sing! He is good!  Also I like this song, because it's something many people can relate to, that is, facing love from a distance & savoring the time you get to spend together. :) It's cute...and sad @ the same time. Now, if you're wondering why I put all these videos together, know this, I listen to a little bit of everything. I like music, there was no theme to begin with, just songs that have invaded my brain over the past few weeks. Until next time, enjoy some of your favorite music, & don't be afraid to seek new sounds. :) ~Anna

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello lovely ones.
I am here, just for a moment - I'm actually really busy right now (Ha!). I should be finishing my unit operations lab report right now, it's almost done... well, kinda. :P But ---- I can't bring myself to keep working on it right this very second, so I'm taking my break to say "Hello."

At this very moment, I'm exhausted.

I wanted to reach out to anyone and everyone that no matter if this is a hard time or a good time, count your blessings, for each of us has the sunny days and the rainy days of life. There is beauty in both but we must cherish the good and bad to fully appreciate life.
Count the blessings: loved ones, passions, memories, friends, family, animals, the little things... all of it.
And remember that you are never faced with something that you can't get through one way or another.

I may be tired but this song explains how my soul feels deep within...
The song is called "Ocean" by The John Butler Trio.
If I close my eyes, I can see the waves crashing.. I picture just me and sandy beach and the ocean. & being from the Pacific Northwest, my beach is a cold beach... but I love it anyway. Peace.

 Enjoy. Breathe. Live. Love.
- Jenny -

Monday, April 9, 2012

Typography & Creepiness

Sooo, I'm kind of in love with typography :). & no, that's not the study of the lay of the land, it's incorporating words into your art, or is it art into your words?... Anyway, I've found a few examples of this in one of my favorite mediums (animation naturally). Have a look & be amazed!!

The audio/video above is by Tom Waits "What's he building in there?" Something I identify a little bit with, being a haunter in October & a fursuit builder the rest of the year, I get strange packages, stay up very late...I have a dog tho, so I'm not a total creep, right? haha

Another creepy one. This time using audio from "The Dark Knight" love the imagery. Just cool that people take the time to do stuff like this? ya know? have a good week! ~Anna

Sunday, April 8, 2012

While I've Been Out

Hello, my friends!

I apologize for my absence these past couple of weeks! It has been crazy over here. I have been running around with my head chopped off, trying to get my senior design project finished, finishing labs, and  trying to get all the graduation stuff straightened out (like announcements - which I just finished addressing. They will be sent tomorrow! Thank goodness). Ugh, it's been insanity. Not only is business getting crazy, I'm also trying to maintain a social life of sorts. Though the credibility of my social life (as I call it) has been questioned as of late - I still firmly believe I have a good one, despite what others may believe! Ha!

ANYway! I don't have a specific topic about which I hope to write today. I just wanted to stop in a say hey! I do have some projects in the works, though they probably won't come to fruition until much after I graduate in May. Haha! I will probably be posting next weekend about my mortarboard decoration! That should be exciting. :) And one of the projects that I hope to begin once life settles down is something like this DIY project found over at A Beautiful Mess. I would do mine with a set of lyrics from The Ataris "In This Diary." I love this song. It's beautiful and almost every word speaks to me of my youth. (Ha! I sounded so old there! :P ) Check it out!

I'll definitely post about this project once I get to it. ;) 

Other than that, all I've got for you all today is a little home clean up trick. 
How to get gum out of your carpet
I learned this one today. It was kind of a guess really. I woke up and found potato chips on my floor in the living room so I vacuumed them up. One didn't vacuum up though... Upon closer inspection, it wasn't a chip at all! It was gum. Nicely stepped on and stuck on my carpet... 
So here's I got it out; out like it was never there to begin with! 
  • Pull at the gum and cut/tear as much excess gum as you can manage to get off. 
  • Get yourself some Elmer's Sticky Out (pictured below).
  • I would probably follow the instructions on it about carpeting if I was at all worried about the coloration of my carpet, but I dribbled some Sticky Out directly on the gum and let it sit for a couple minutes. 
  • During these couple minutes, wet a rag with warm water and soap. 
  • Return to the gummed area and scrub at the gum with the rag. 
  • The gum will break up into smaller "beads" and eventually breaking its bond with the carpet fibers. 
  • After it has been broke up sufficiently, go over the spot with the vacuum to suck up all those little gum bits. 
  • Good as new! 

Ohhh college, how you teach me so many things out of necessity!
Hope this helps some of you renters out there keep some of your deposit! 

Have a great week! Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting next weekend! 
- Jenny - 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Badger Partial Finished!!

yes!! That's right!! Finished & worn as the official mascot of the local Badger Mountain Challenge Race this year, this is my latest fursuit creation! haha, my sister, my dog Obie & I had a mini photo shoot in the backyard today because it was soooo nice out!! I swear summer is on it's way already! Enjoy ~Anna