Monday, April 9, 2012

Typography & Creepiness

Sooo, I'm kind of in love with typography :). & no, that's not the study of the lay of the land, it's incorporating words into your art, or is it art into your words?... Anyway, I've found a few examples of this in one of my favorite mediums (animation naturally). Have a look & be amazed!!

The audio/video above is by Tom Waits "What's he building in there?" Something I identify a little bit with, being a haunter in October & a fursuit builder the rest of the year, I get strange packages, stay up very late...I have a dog tho, so I'm not a total creep, right? haha

Another creepy one. This time using audio from "The Dark Knight" love the imagery. Just cool that people take the time to do stuff like this? ya know? have a good week! ~Anna

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