Friday, January 6, 2012

The Werewolf Calendar

  I always get a calendar for Christmas it seems like every year I get @ least one if not two or more! This year being the only exception since I can't even remember. That being said, I've been casually shopping for a calendar I liked since the new year & finally, while checking out one of my favorite werewolf artist's websites  (the art of Janette Brown aka Sugarpoultry) I also found a link to a site I'd previously forgotten about!!

Did I mention that I'm a little crazy about werewolves? I am, & I freely & proudly admit it. Not to mention the werewolf calendar gets some of the finest artwork all in one place for all us nutty people that just LOVE those bloodthirsty, shapeshifting monsters.

 On a different note, I'm posting this a little early as I am going to be rather busy Saturday, which Jenny & I decided is going to be our regular day of updating. So, until next Saturday, enjoy some awesome werewolf art! This is called No Use Running by sugarpoultry who won second place in the werewolf calendar. Soooo good!~ Anna

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