Sunday, January 15, 2012

Under the Stars

Being a city kid, I never did see much of the milky way @ night. Sometimes when the family would take trips out of town, we got lucky, we'd pull over the car & crane our necks @ the wide expanse of stars we saw so little of @ home. Now, I still live in the city, but I miss the stars. I've decided whenever I get the chance, or when I get my own home, I'm going to decorate the ceilings with stars. Like this:

  Looking around the web, I found someone who does this very thing as a job! How cool is that?! Artist, muralist & illusionist Frank Wilson has been painting ceilings & making beautiful pictures that involve nature & light for a long time. He uses rare earth phosphors that glow in the dark & change depending on the lighting. The first four pictures are actually the same picture, a mural of Mt. Shasta seen from a fully lit room to a completely dark one. Amazing, huh? The other two are examples of some of the art he does as a wall or ceiling mural. By day, they look like a blank wall, but by night, the rare earth phosphors glow to reveal beautiful scenes of nature. If you'd like to see more you can check out the website @  Until next week, enjoy nature & take some time to look @ the stars. ~Anna

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  1. That's amazing!!!
    I was just thinking of the stars on my way home from the ski trip tonight. I got a glimpse of Orion, my favorite constellation. Gorgeous! :D
    Great post, Anna. <3