Sunday, January 29, 2012

Woodburning Projects (& Calendar Journal Update)

To keep my creative energy flowing and to give me a way to escape schoolwork and responsibilities, I have all sorts of crazy side projects that float in and out of my life. And this past year, I have taken up woodburning as a hobby. It's a lot of fun! And I'm glad I got into it. I have done a series of burning and staining projects for friends and family. This one here is my current project and it's a box for myself. :) This is how it looked when I bought it:

I started this project in July of last year and I'm still not done with it! I blame other projects distracting me and, of course, I also blame school. Sheesh, taking up all of my free time! Anyway, this is how it looks right now: 

The plan is to eventually finish burning the pattern all the way around the box's sides. As you can see, I have the back side half way finished. I also have the other short side to finish. Once I'm done with the woodburning, I'll stain it and it'll be done! So more photos to come!

The woodburning pen that I use is the Walnut Hollow Model: WH-750F (16.5W 120V AC 60Hz). It was sold at Michael's when I purchased it and it was only $10. I also bought the tip variety set which was another ~$8, if I remember right. This particular woodburning pen is advertised as designed for use by women. I have seen the woodburners sold at hardware stores and the one I use is definitely not as power-tool like. All in all, I like the pen and it serves my purposes well. :)

Also! I'd like to update you all on my calendar journal. I haven't gotten to work on the woodburning (Heck, I haven't even sketched a pattern on it yet). But I have been keeping up with the cards for the days and begun thinking of what I'd like to burn on it.

I have been thinking of doing a chevron stripe-type of pattern but I'm deciding on whether or not I want to commit to another filled pattern (it takes much longer to burn it to fill). I have also been thinking of sketching some illustrations of wish flowers and their seeds. I may take some inspiration from images like these:

I'm excited to finish my box and get a move on working on my calendar journal. I'm trying really hard not to start other projects until these are finished. I'm horrible at finished projects sometimes! And looking at Pinterest every day is making it harder not to start new projects - so many great ideas on there! But there'll be more updates to come as these two progress! And I hope you have success in finishing any projects that you may have in your life! Happy creating!
- Jenny -

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