Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello lovely ones.
I am here, just for a moment - I'm actually really busy right now (Ha!). I should be finishing my unit operations lab report right now, it's almost done... well, kinda. :P But ---- I can't bring myself to keep working on it right this very second, so I'm taking my break to say "Hello."

At this very moment, I'm exhausted.

I wanted to reach out to anyone and everyone that no matter if this is a hard time or a good time, count your blessings, for each of us has the sunny days and the rainy days of life. There is beauty in both but we must cherish the good and bad to fully appreciate life.
Count the blessings: loved ones, passions, memories, friends, family, animals, the little things... all of it.
And remember that you are never faced with something that you can't get through one way or another.

I may be tired but this song explains how my soul feels deep within...
The song is called "Ocean" by The John Butler Trio.
If I close my eyes, I can see the waves crashing.. I picture just me and sandy beach and the ocean. & being from the Pacific Northwest, my beach is a cold beach... but I love it anyway. Peace.

 Enjoy. Breathe. Live. Love.
- Jenny -

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