Monday, March 5, 2012

Double Post:Zombies & Trees

  So, I found an awesome race that I think I might do last week!! it's a themed 5k ran in a lot of different cities & states around the country. The zombie infested 5k!! The idea is that every person that runs has a flag belt with a set number of "lives" on it. When you set out running, on a course very much like the widely popular warrior dash, you avoid zombies on your way to the finish. This sounds like a pretty intense race!! not only are zombies trying to steal your life, the terrain you face is truly a challenge, up & over wooden walls, through hay bale mazes, & tunnels! Check out the link & see what you think!! So far, I  have a tentative team set up including jenny & myself ;). Now, the training begins!! & what better motivation to run & get in shape than escaping from zombies! Check it out!! & be sure to watch the videos here-  

  As for this week, spring is finally starting to close in on my home town, even if that only means it's slightly less cold & the car doesn't need to be scraped every morning(which is nice by the way). It gets me thinking about the change of seasons, & spring projects that could be undertaken with the sun clearing out the the cold weather. That being said the prop I've been thinking about is a large tree to put in a corner of my room. It would be something I could easily decorate for any season & act as a sort of main centerpiece for the living space. Here's one idea of what it could look like when finished. Although my tree will be supported by two walls (in a corner) & not have to stand alone or be climbed upon.

Another thing, or I should say the important thing I've been thinking about is what materials to use. I would like to be able to hang things on my tree, & not have it fall apart when I or my pets bump into it. The best & easiest looking method uses spray foam, like the kind one would use in houses. I've seen a LOT of amazing sculpting projects come out of this method including life size sculptures of animals & weaponry! if you get a chance, check out some you tube videos on the subject, they are amazing!! This method also seems to be popular for building trees. I've seen a lot of Home Haunters (Halloweenies) use this method for set building also & it always looks good. I'm thinking with some wood bracing, & a chicken wire under structure, I could have the beginning of my foam tree project underway!!

Here's another sample video of some amazing work, this time done for a photography studio!! Enjoy your week & your spring projects everyone! ~Anna

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