Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wood Burning Project Update

So it's spring break! I made it through this past week with my life and all is well (at least for now). It's been sunny and warm and beautiful and I love it! Not only that, but tomorrow daylight saving time begins! I lose an hour of sleep but, it'll be brighter later! I'm SO ready for more sunshine and longer days. I'm over cold weather. Haha!

Anyway, to kick off my spring break, I have been putting time in on that woodburning project that I introduced a few posts ago. I have finished the burning pattern and put on the first coat of stain today! Here it is!

One coat of Golden Pecan Minwax Wood Finish stain.
I know the color difference isn't that big, but I like the color. I think it's turning out well! I might do one more coat of stain and then apply the poly! Hooray for finally finishing projects! It's good to get them done.

Hope you all are enjoying warm weather. Yay for spring!
Have a great week!

- Jenny -

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