Friday, April 26, 2013

Update: Microterrariums

Hey, friends!

Do you guys remember my microterrariums from way back when??
Well, with spring making its appearance here in the arid desert of Eastern Washington, I was reminiscing on plants of past and I realized I never did let you guys know how those turned out!

So here's that long overdue update!

Here's what the plants looked soon after I started them. Happy and warm on my sunny window sill!
April of 2012, so one year ago, I saw some cute little sprouts!!

And below are some closeups of my brain plant seedlings.

And here are the butterfly bushes. As you can see, I planted a few too many. :P

In May, I moved from Pullman and brought my plants with me.
Just before I moved, I replanted the seedlings in bigger pots.

The new home for my brain plants, last May (2012).

Transplanted and happy brain plant seedling!

And here are my butterfly bush seedlings in their new home (May 2012).

Butterfly bush seedling closeup!

Unfortunately, my brain plants were sprayed by the sprinklers not long after I got settled in with my parents again. The brain plants were only supposed to be watered with warm water and with the cold cold water from the sprinklers, they withered and died. Poor things never got much bigger than the seedlings seen above. :( 

But my butterfly bushes did really well, even though I put them outside at a pretty early age. Here's what they looked like October 1, 2012!

I checked on the butterfly bush this spring and the leaves are coming back strong; looks like my mom's got a healthy butterfly bush to tame! 

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on those. I'm planning on trying the brain plants again someday. I kept the microterrariums and the extra seeds; we'll see what I can do with that!

I hope that you're starting to enjoy some spring weather in your neck of the woods, wherever you are! 

Until next time, stay excellent!

- Jenny -

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