Saturday, May 11, 2013

9 in 5 by 23: Wild @ Art

Hello friends!

I am sorry that I have been absent for a while. We've been busy bees getting Mr. Kyle all graduated from university and moved from his apartment. It has been a busy busy couple of weeks! But fear not, I have not forgotten you!

In fact, I have been trying to keep in mind my 9 in 5 by 23 list! I have been working away at these.

This past week, Kyle and I were able to go to a small, privately owned and operated ceramic painting studio in Moscow, ID, Wild @ Art. It was a lot of fun! :D Kyle and I spent a good few hours painting away on a couple of tall mugs.

It was so fun!  It was a beautiful day and we a had a great time being creative and laughing at one another's silly slip-ups in painting.

Something that's really exciting about painting the unfinished ceramic and leaving it to be glazed and fired is seeing the results in the end! I love it! The paint dries pastel-y and it's hard to picture how the colors will look until you get the final piece, when you pick it up!

Kyle painted his mug a mixture of white "Cottontail" and a blue "Blue Yonder." Then he painted "#1 MOM" and "Happy Birthday, Happy Day of Mother" since the two occasions fall so close to one another. :D

My background color on my mug was a gray called "Silver Lining" and I used all sorts of colors for the dots.
Here's what it looked like all finished, when we picked it up a week later!

So that's one of the nine items on my list. But I've got a few others that are in progress and one that is complete! I'll tell ya about that one next time, friends!

Until then, stay excellent!

- Jenny -

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