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I Pin. I Conquer: Sartorial Thoughts

Hello, friends!

As I'm sure you're all well aware, I am fairly well addicted to Pinterest.
I've always been a collector, ever since I was little. I used to collect all manner of things. I had a rock collection, a shell collection, a stamp collection - you name it, I collected it. The term "pack rat" comes to mind. Since beginning college and moving in and out of residences along the way, I have discarded many "useless" collections in favor of minimizing clutter and volume while on the move. Not to mention I've seen Hoarding: Buried Alive and Hoarders and I really don't want to let my pack rat nature get the best of me... O.o

In addition to collecting items like coins, Pokemon cards, and glass soda bottles, I clipped magazines for their cool photos, ideas, clothing, art, and anything else that tickled my fancy. I had peechee folder upon peechee folder upon binder upon zipper bag full of clippings from newspapers and magazines. It was a little out of hand when I was about 10 to 13 years old.

Just under ten years later...
Enter Pinterest.

It's one of those "DUH" ideas. Once I got into the digital world and the universe that is the interwebs, I had file folder upon file folder of saved pictures from the pages of the internet and also tons of folders and subfolders organizing my various bookmarked sites. It only makes sense to combine the "old school" magazine clipping and bulletin board method with the internet!! What a revelation!!

So... I am a hoarder - - - of digital items.

Let me tell you, it's much easier to manage digital clutter. And it's a lot easier on my wallet and living space. Probably easier on my man too. ;)

That's the back story of me and my attraction to Pinterest. It was only natural for me to move into this sector... and to bring out the tiny little hipster in me, "I totally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon in the early stages of its popularity." ;)

I have a few Pinterest boards that I am particularly proud of:
Of all of my boards, however, Sartorial Thoughts has become my most popular. It's been gaining a lot of followers recently. I'm currently three shy of 250! I know for some of the really popular boards 250 is not that many, but it's exciting to watch it grow! And it's really a fun board. 

I have a really wide and varying interest in apparel. My most commonly worn category of apparel is casual, obviously. For me, casual is Converse or another comfy, usually canvas shoe; jeans; and whatever top I feel like at the time. 

Left image via Poketo.
Right image via Free People.
Image below via Polyvore.


Of course, every girl has her form of a sartorial dream (like "I love this but would never actually own this and if I did, I'd rarely wear it because I don't have places to where it to"). I love formal wear, dresses, and skirts - but I am a practical and, frankly, cheap person. I can't justify buying dresses at over $100 a pop when I'll only wear them approximately once a year (and that's for dresses I really like). That and as an engineer, though I work in an office, there's isn't much call for heels and dresses. And in my free time I like to lounge and run around like the tomboy I am. But that doesn't mean I don't dream of dressing up like a lady (who can still kick ass and climb trees because I wear spankeys under dresses when I go out in the day time. haha). This first outfit I'm actually thinking of acquiring within the 2013. I like the look and it's not too far a stretch from my usual e'r'day wear: American Apparel U Neck dress and some Converse. 

Sugarmess Maxi Dress
Free People Gianna’s Limited Edition Leather and Lace Gown

And of course, there are accessories, tattoos, and makeup.
As I mentioned in my To Infinity & Beyond post, I have been seriously considering a tattoo. I think I will get one, but I don't want it to be just another errand. I want the choice of when to get it to be special.. So we'll see when that moment rolls around. ;) I also love love love accessories, specifically rings, bracelets, and scarves. So I include these things on my Sartorial Thoughts board, too.

by Fossil
on Etsy by ScarlettJewelry

I really enjoy pinning and it's fun to see others interested in the same things. Finally, I have a way to collect and hoard that won't detriment my nearly OCD need for organization and won't drive my babe up a wall with having to look at magazine clippings and internet print-offs. 

If you like my Sartorial Thoughts board, you should follow it! And better yet, check out the rest of my boards

Pin on, my friends! 

Stay excellent, 
- Jenny - 

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