Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Two Friends' Tale: Christmas in June & Tea

This week Anna and I got together for some quality time! We were in search of a craft that we could do together. Initially, we were thinking of painting ceramics at a place that used to be in town called Artsy Fartsy. However, we came to find that they had moved.. So instead, we went to Hobby Lobby in search of a craft that was simple enough to do in a day and still fun! And what we found filled us with the Christmas spirit!

Hobby Lobby had displayed all sorts of Christmas ornament and decor materials in their main aisle!! And after perusing the entire store, we landed on these adorable dino stockings and decided that we would color them in with fabric markers!

We love dinos and we love coloring - So this was obviously a match made in heaven! :D 
Armed with some sweet beats and tunes, we laid on the floor, coloring like the kids we truly are. <3

We purchased Crayola brand fabric markers because they came in a variety of fabulously bright colors and also because they were the least expensive. They bled quite a bit in use though... :P Oh well! 
Here are our beautiful masterpieces!


Aren't they fabulous?! :P 

The next part of the adventure happened when Anna's mom came home. We joined her mom and her sister on a visit to a new shop in town. It's called Magic Tree tea and gifts - and, man, was it magical! We enjoyed tasting delicious teas and browsing their selection of unique gifts. There were quite a few things I wanted to take home with me, but I restrained myself and only got one item. It was this beautiful box: 

One of the teas we were lucky to taste was a Three Flower Burst Flowering Tea. I saw the label of the tea container and I think this was the tea we tasted: 

It was so fun to watch it bloom while it steeped! Here are some snapshots of it blooming from our afternoon in the Magic Tree shop! 

It was a great little shop and the people were incredibly nice. I will definitely be returning for those other items that I was eyeballing and maybe even some tea to take home! Hope that you have a chance to happen upon/be introduced to a great little shop sometime. It really is a treat! 
Stay excellent! 
- Jenny -

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