Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food Adventures: A Feast Fit for a Father

Happy Fathers' Day to all of those dads, stepdads, granddads, and male role models!
You are all pivotal in so many lives and you deserve a day to bask in the glory of the love you have helped bring into this world!

For my dad on Fathers' Day, my sister and I have collaborated to create a dinner! We also got him seasons 1 and 2 of Bones and my sis made him a card for us. Aren't we just the greatest?? ;)

As for the food,
I tried to incorporate my dad's favorite foods, so I landed on:
  • 13 Bean Soup
  • Homemade Dinner Rolls
  • Home-baked Cookies 
So I went in search of recipes. I found this great recipe for bean soup with a search of "bean soup" on (I love And to accompany this hearty, savory soup, I found a recipe for these rosemary garlic butter rolls. I let my sister decide what kind of cookies we should make and she decided that we should make peanut butter (those are my dad's favorite) with chocolate kisses on top. 

This was quite the food adventure. My sister and I worked from about 12:15 in the afternoon until 4:00pm, making these dishes (soup simmered for just under two hours after that). Everything went relatively well! I mean, the soup is still simmering (so we'll see how that turns out in the end.... Cross your fingers!). The rolls look delicious and smell crazy good and the cookies are wonderful (I already ate a couple). 

We did have a few missteps along the way, but what adventure doesn't have a few unexpected turns??
  • I forgot to soak the beans overnight, seeing as they are dried beans. But, before I freaked out and scratched the entire idea, I looked up alternative methods for soaking beans (google search: "alternative bean soak"). Found out that you can bring the beans and water (2.25 cups of water per cup or 8 oz. of beans) to a boil and then remove from heat, cover, and let sit for one hour. This method seems to be working for me! I just tasted a bean in the soup and it is softening right on schedule! Hooray for the internets!
  • While baking the cookies, my sister removed a sheet of cookies and placed them on the stove. While she was pressing kisses into them she smelled burning cookie. Sure enough, the cookies on one half of the sheet were indeed burning! We were really confused, until we realized that the burner under that side of the sheet was still hot from bringing the beans to a boil! Whoops! We only lost three cookies, though - so it wasn't such a big deal. :P 
  • UPDATE: In fear of having my beans not fully cooked - I ended up cooking them a bit too long. :P Oh well, the soup was still delicious! It was just past its perfect consistency. 
So here are some pics of the feast fit for a father! If you're interested in these recipes - be sure to check out the original sources! I didn't change them by much and they are delish; definitely keepers in my book. ;) My dad was particularly impressed with the rolls (as was I!! Yummmmm <3).
Happy fathers' day! 
Stay excellent! 
- Jenny -

Don't worry, I removed the ham hock before serving. ;)

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  1. i got hungry just viewing that..... mmmm. that was nice of you to do that for your dad :)