Monday, December 26, 2011


We're Anna and Jenny and this is our blog.
We welcome you to our space and hope you enjoy our adventures.

This is a blog based on friendship and because of this, much of the things we'll be posting will be things you would share with a close friend, for example stuff in our lives, stuff we're up to, things we think are cool, or more generally, anything that interests us. It's gonna be random.

We hope to invite you into a world of friendship. We hope to inspire you and your friends to keep close. That's one of our goals by making this blog: to stay close to one another. We know that we'll find a more defined direction and style the further we get into this project. This is our first blog and attempt at blogging - but we are both very faithful followers of other blogs. :) Bear with us as we get the hang of blogging and regular posting.

That being said, we hope you enjoy it and happy reading, friends!

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